Welcome to Tucson Bike and Accident Attorneys. We specialize in dealing with cases relating to auto accidents and bike accidents. Our attorneys are specialists and highly qualified to take on any case. We have many years of experience and excellent results to show for all our clients. If you need advice or representation after an accident, you have come to the right place.

Our Services

Our services include consultation, legal advice, and representation. We handle everything from evidence collection and investigation to court representation and compensation negotiation. We take care of all aspects while you and your family recover and go on with your lives. You can trust that we will do everything in our power to get the compensation that you deserve.

Our Attorneys

Our team of attorneys are the best at what they do. They all have the highest qualifications and the necessary experience to take on your case. They are passionate about what they do and they are dedicated to every client. We have settled and won many cases for personal injury claims and other accident-related cases. We work for your justice.

Our Rates

Tucson Bike and Auto Accident Attorneys offer our services at the best rates. We don’t believe in causing further financial ruin after an accident and will make sure that you get the representation you need for affordable costs.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that we will work hard and leave no stone unturned to find the justice and compensation that you deserve. It is our aim and purpose to make your tragedy easier to live with.

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